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  • Who can register?

    Anyone who participates in a CIGNA plan may register for online access to their information. If you are covered by another family member's CIGNA plan, you cannot access any claim or coverage information. Anyone enrolling in a CIGNA Life, Accident or Disability Insurance plan is also eligible to register.

  • What if I am a Great-West Healthcare customer and I have issues logging in to

    Please visit

  • Why register?

    Register on and you'll be able to find all your coverage information online, when you need it. If you're covered by another family member's CIGNA plan, you can register but you will not have access to claim or coverage information.

  • How do I get a User ID?

    Register with now to get your permanent User ID.

  • What information does CIGNA need to register me?

    To ensure your privacy and security, CIGNA requires personal information so we can verify your identity. Please provide:

    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • City of Birth
    • Date of Birth
    • Home ZIP Code
    • Your Customer ID or your Social Security Number, or you will need to complete a short questionnaire so we can identify you in our systems. (If you are registering only to enroll in a CIGNA Life, Accident or Disability Insurance plan, use the temporary User ID and password provided to you by CIGNA or your employer.)
    • If you're covered by another family member's CIGNA plan, you may need to enter the Primary Customer's social security number or CIGNA ID. The Primary Customer is the person who enrolled in the CIGNA plan, either on their own or through their employer.
  • Where can I find my CIGNA Customer ID?

    You'll find your Customer ID number on your CIGNA ID card.

  • What if I try to register, but my identity is not validated?

    We maintain high security standards. That means the registration information you provide must exactly match the information we have on file for you. Please try to register again. If you receive a Validation Data error, please call CIGNA Customer Service at 1.800.853.2713 and we'll help you register.

  • When will I have access to

    Immediately. As soon as you register, you will gain access to all of your CIGNA account information.


  • What if I forgot my User ID?

    CIGNA provides an online Forgot ID tool to help you retrieve your User ID. To keep your information secure, we will only provide your User ID if you correctly answer the security questions we originally asked you during registration. If you have trouble retrieving your User ID through our online tool, please call us at CIGNA Customer Service at 1.800.284.8346.

  • What if I forgot my password?

    CIGNA provides an online Forgot Password tool to assist in resetting your password. To protect your information, your password can only be reset if you correctly answer the security questions we originally asked you during registration. If you have trouble resetting your user password through the online tool, please call CIGNA Customer Service at 1.800.284.8346.

  • What if I forgot my User ID and password?

    If you do not recall either your User ID or password, please use the online Forgot ID tool to assist in retrieving your User ID first. Once you have retrieved your User ID, please use the online Forgot Password tool to help reset your password.

  • Where can I get more answers about myCIGNA?

    If you have questions about how myCIGNA operates and what features are available, please talk to a CIGNA representative. Call CIGNA Customer Service at 1.800.853.2713.


  • What kind of browser do I need to use myCIGNA?

    myCIGNA works well with a variety of browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, 7, and 8; Mozilla FireFox, Safari, and Google Chrome.

  • What ensures the privacy and security of my account information?

    CIGNA works hard to keep your account information private and secure. Among the best practices we follow are:

    • The CIGNA Web service to your company is only available to people authorized by your employer.
    • All services are secured behind a firewall. We monitor unauthorized access attempts and we investigate inappropriate uses.
    • Your password must be 6 to 12 characters and contain at least one number and one letter. Your password cannot be your name or any password you've used before.
    • To help keep your security high, CIGNA lets you change your password. We encourage you to change it frequently.
    • For your protection, CIGNA uses the most secure version of communications available. Only browsers that support Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and 128-bit encryption (also known as domestic or U.S. grade security) can be used to access these Web services. SSL minimizes the likelihood that anyone but you or the appropriate CIGNA representative will read electronic messages between you and CIGNA. Your protection is also higher when you use updated versions of your browser. If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer and do not have version 6.0 or higher, you may download the latest version here: Internet Explorer
    • CIGNA's Web Services automatically deactivates your account access after five invalid log in attempts. This ensures that unauthorized individuals cannot use your account by successfully guessing your password. Should you forget your password, a password reset tool is available from the log in page. We'll prompt you to answer the security questions you answered when you first registered.
    • Built-in timers terminate your access if you are not actively using the site.
    • Your password will never be displayed on any Web page.
    • When you attempt to go to a page you bookmarked, we'll always require you to go through the log in process. That way we know the site visitor is really you.
  • What steps should I take to help ensure the security of my account information?

    How you use the online service and your personal account information can greatly affect your security on the site. To keep security high, when you finish using CIGNA's Web Services always use the log out button to leave the service and then close your browser. Also, never share your password with anyone.

  • What if someone learns my password?

    If you suspect that someone knows your password, you can either use the online Forgot Password tool to change it or call CIGNA at 1.800.284.8346 and we'll change your password for you. Remember -- never share your password with anyone.

  • How can I tell if my online session with CIGNA is private and secure?

    Microsoft Internet Explorer uses a padlock. When you see the padlock you know your session is encrypted. Encryption puts your session in a secret code that can prevent unauthorized people from viewing it. Look for the padlock in the lower right corner of your browser. A broken key or an open lock means your session is not encrypted. While a broken key or open lock might appear when the page loads between two encrypted pages, your session is still encrypted if the key is whole or the lock is closed when the page finishes loading. When you leave a CIGNA Web Service, your encrypted session will be interrupted and you will need to log in again when you return.

Personal Information

  • How do I update my personal information?

    To keep your personal information accurate and consistent with your enrollment, we cannot accept a change of mailing address or updates to your personal information through If you're covered under your employer's health plan, please contact your human resource representative or your health plan administrator to update your information. If you have an individual health plan, please call CIGNA Customer Service at 1.800.244.6224.