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The Cigna HealthCare prescription drug list can help you find information about medications covered by Cigna HealthCare benefit plans.

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Please note that coverage under a specific benefit plan may differ. Members should refer to plan documents for detailed information or call the number on their CIGNA HealthCare member ID card.

Drug Recall Information: Auvi-Q® Products (PDF 45k)

Prescription Drug List Changes Effective January 1, 2016 (PDF 51k)

Important Information on Compounded Medications (PDF 26k)

Current No Cost Preventive Medications (PDF 268k)

2016 No Cost Preventive Medications (PDF 82k)

Prospective enrollees in policies issued in Maine (PDF 179k)


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CIGNA HealthCare reserves the right to make changes to this Drug List without notice. CIGNA HealthCare does not take responsibility for any medication decisions made by the prescriber or pharmacist. CIGNA HealthCare may receive payments from manufacturers of certain Preferred Brand drugs, which may or may not be shared with the member's plan depending upon its arrangement with CIGNA. Depending upon plan design, market conditions, the extent to which manufacturer payments are shared with the member's plan, and other factors as of the date of service, the Preferred Brand drug may or may not represent the lowest cost brand drug within its drug class for the member and/or the member's plan. Manufacturer payments do not reduce the amount the member pays at the pharmacy.

Drug List last updated: 11/18/2015